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Motives - Workshops for Youth and Young Adults

November 9th - November 23rd, 2017

$0 - $20

Motives by Greg and Chantel Denie is a three-session workshop brought to you by Mirror Mirror YXE for guys and girls! The sessions are designed to strengthen youth and young adults to live our their God-given mission. Greg is an artist, motivational speaker and director of Legacy 1 and will be facilitating these workshops with his wife Chantel.

Trying to understand ourselves in one thing, trying to understand what motivates others is something completely different. During these workshops, Greg and Chantel Denie will work with teens and young adults to help them understand their motivational DNA. The reason they think the way they do, what motivates them to excel, what frustrates them and how they can learn to understand others. This workshop will include interactive teaching, and insightful assessments that help people understand what motivates them. The sessions will help participants discover what they have to offer at their schools, workplaces and communities and how to do it with confidence and excellence.

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